The momentum is building

After a rest over the winter holidays, the teams jumped back into the build at the January 11 meeting, starting with an update from each team leader. Here’s where we stand:



The accounting team is busy setting up the ledgers, including budget categories, so we can better plan for and track expenses.









The BOM team is researching the details about a few of more specialized parts needed for the printer.








The maker team is collecting lots of parts, including motors, screws and power cords.



The build team is ready to go, with parts in hand.

The blog team notes that this web site is up and running, and we have a mailing list in place for each of the teams, to make it easier to communicate with the whole team.

And the membership team is putting together the snack signup sheet. Snack is a very important and popular part of the meeting!




After the updates, Alex showed us some of the cool tools he brought, including safety equipment. He talked about the proper way to use the hacksaw and clamps, as well as the electric drill (which can also be a screwdriver!).


It’s very important to wear gloves and safety goggles when working with these things, to protect your hands and your eyes. Here are some pictures showing us working with the tools, cutting rods for the printer.


IMG_0112 IMG_0118






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