Missing Our Meeting

We missed our last meeting because of the snow and ice and because we got out of school early. Missing a meeting causes us to not be able to build, which is unfortunate, but it was still fun! I had a chance to go snow boarding on my neighbors driveway, and it was also fun to slide around on the ice in my boots!

The meeting was cancelled due to ice.

The meeting was cancelled due to ice.

Missing a meeting is kind of bad because we really need those meetings to be able to build the 3D printer, and we are  going to be working on the frame the next meeting. My dad had a question: If we miss a meeting, does it mean that we just miss the meeting, or does it mean that we make it up next week? He asked the school and we are waiting to find out.

I think we need to meet outside of the meetings in smaller groups so that we can get more work done in two weeks than we  are getting done now.

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