febuary 22, 2013

febuary 22, 2013
here is a summary of today: rod cutters cutting smooth rods and then preparing them to be used in the printer destruction squad Taking apart old printers for parts parts Looking for parts we still need extruder putting together the extruder

Interview with a Build Master

Q: What is a 3D Printer? A: Okay, a 3D printer is basically a machine that squirts out plastic. The one that we built kind of looks like two triangles put together with threaded rods. The motors—well, one motor to control the movement going up and down is the on the left upper corner of ...

building the frame 2

building the frame
hello everyone today we built the frame…it was hard but fun.I think ,we started it today and finished it today.I hope this website will inspire you to help your  school make a 3d printer. THANK YOU FOR READING!!!    

How Things Got Started

About a year ago, me and my father were talking about that it wound be cool if 2nd through 5th grade kids started to make a 3D printer. So we came up with a 3D printer club. We asked my teacher if she could sponsor the club, and we also talked to the director of ...