update for march 8, 2013 part 1: team updates

Team Updates Accounting:  still working on putting stuff in ledgers. We’ve been telling the build team what we can buy based on what we have  in the budget. Build team: In past meetings, they have gathered parts like nuts  and bolts. BOM team: Still working on sending email to ??? to get the ??, the ...


Hi everybody ! Check out this blog for a school in the Netherlands that has been building 3D printers. The school is called *Chr. Jenaplan Morgenster Elementary School*. They have a super cool video of their project. And check out the KAMERMAKER ! People are going to be printing houses for the homeless !

Video of Our Progress

Hi everybody. This is Jacob and this is a video about our progress. We made it about two weeks ago. It’s a little late to get on the site, but I think that’s fine. It shows us building the frame.