update for march 8, 2013 part 1: team updates

Team Updates

Accounting:  still working on putting stuff in ledgers. We’ve been telling the build team
what we can buy based on what we have  in the budget.

Build team:

In past meetings, they have gathered parts like nuts  and bolts.

BOM team:

Still working on sending email to ??? to get the ??, the hot bed, and the pulleys.

Membership team:

One of the members made a really great post about the Netherlands.

Blog team:

Did a post based on what we did last time.

Maker team:

We got the frame done. Sent an email asking about the filament.
Silver, if they have  it, light blue, green, and maybe black. Need to review  the budget to
see how many colors we can afford.

Another update:

The board we need for mounting the electronics has been cut in the just shape we need.

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