Getting the printer ready

We made a pre-flight checklist for using the 3-D printer telling what to do before we use it because The  3-D printer is super dumb, so we need to check some things before we use it. part of it is to make sure the printer is using the units we expect – millimeters. We all learned about the ...


We started a new project this school year – an EGGBOT! An EggBot is a robot that draws on anything round like eggs and ping-pong balls. I think EggBots are cool because it can draw so many designs. My favorite design is either the map or the maze. (They were both drawn on ping-pong balls.) ...

team updates

team updates
Maker Fair Prep team: They are thinking of what they need for when we go to maker fair so they can set up there booth at maker fair. Accounting team:They figure out the budget of what we have to buy and they make sure we dont go over the budget.