Getting Ready For Making Movies!

The Maker Team has split into two groups, an Elementary and a Middle School Team. The Elementary Team is going to be making a LEGO stop animation movie. Last session we did a LEGO challenge to practice our teamwork, building, and story-telling skills. Points were awarded for height, number of moving parts, and creativity. Here are some of the things we built!




Today we took all those skills and started building our MOVIE SETS. We came up with three sets: The Elephant Cafe, The Jungle, and Crazy Town. Our main characters will have a quest (yet to be determined) that takes them through all three, facing obstacles and villains along the way.

Our blog team for today had this to say about our session:

EJ: “Today in Maker Team we ate snack. We started building a set for a story. We’re building with Legos. I like this because I have Legos at home. We started a blog.”





Max: “Oh no the place is falling apart! Oh no a spinning man is coming to destroy the world! He was spinning”

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