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when we (me and my group) went to Chanels  room for makers club we didn’t know what was in store for us. But after we ate snack, Heather, (the second person to join Makers Club) said ” okay, so when  i went to check on the boxes we were keeping all the lego structures in boxes) 2 had fallen over. ”   I  was pretty sure everyone else had the same fear that  i had , that there box fell over. Harper asked ” Which set fell over ? ” Heather replied, ” i don’t know, i think the elephant cafe and crazy town” unfortunletly,  Elephant cafe was ours!!! All we could do was hope that she “thought” wrong. We went into the art room, and, sadly, Heather thought right. we had pictures though, so we copied them best as we could. But it was good in a way,  for example, we corrected the set, unbalence, and more.

From Harper, Cassidy, from the makers club

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