Today we’ve been working on a advertising for the forth graders who my want to join the club next year. Marilyn has been taking some cool photos of the progress we’ve made on the Harmonograph and we shot a video explaining the uses the Harmonograph has and how we’ve been making it. We took about 30 discovering how old explorers  knew exactly where they were when they were on the ocean.  We figured out that they could use the North Star to find out the longitude of where they were. We also found out the different types of wood that are used in everyday life,  hard and soft wood, we found that there are hard woods that are soft and soft woods that are hard. We are also working on the Harmonograph and making updates and fixing mistakes. We are very close to having our 3rd pendulum arm (aka A). We have a new type of wood that is a soft wood (Pine) to make a pendulum.

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