Stop-animation finale!

Heather here–reporting for the Spring Semester Elementary Maker Team. We have one session left! And not much time to catch up on the blog, because we’ve been so busy making things. What a year! Here it is, the unveiling of THE CURSED RUBIES, Maker Team’s second LEGO stop-animation feature:

First, a sneak peak, with the trailer:

Now, our feature film:

And, for your movie-going pleasure, some accompanying SHORT FILMS:

Fruit: By Adah Rose and Katy Bryn

Fruit Head: By Zoe

The Dinosaur Movie: By Walker and Gabriel

The Big Circle: By Ali and Erin

Claymation, A Mess: By Miles and Ben

Cars, Like You’ve Never Seen Them Before: By Danny and Brandon

At our most recent session, we got the LEGO bricks out again and did a balloon-powered car challenge–and it was a challenge, because I admitted up front I’d never actually made the balloon-powered thing work, but some kids tackled it anyway, and we had a great session.


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