We Built This City 1

We Built This City
Maker Team had a big year! With the help of some amazing parent and teacher volunteers, not to mention hard-working kids, we included over 40 students in three different groups—two in the elementary school and one in the middle school. They made everything from robots to stomp rockets to a Lego-scale city. Our student makers ...

Blog entry for makersclub! :D <3 2

Today we got into groups! Building, circuits, bridges and painting roads. In the painting group we worked on finishing the roads and we also worked on making the lines cleaner. In building we worked on bridges and buildings for our lego city! In the circuits group we worked on making prototypes of streetlights. In all ...

Our latest project!

Our latest project!
Hi. This is maker team`s blog. In maker team we experiment with different materials. I am the Elementary maker team`s blogger. Our goal this year is to build a Lego city.