Stop-animation finale!

Heather here–reporting for the Spring Semester Elementary Maker Team. We have one session left! And not much time to catch up on the blog, because we’ve been so busy making things. What a year! Here it is, the unveiling of THE CURSED RUBIES, Maker Team’s second LEGO stop-animation feature: First, a sneak peak, with the ...

Day we start animation 1

Day we start animation
Today the elementary maker team watched a video about how to make a lego figure walk. And split the team into two groups, the storyboarding team and the animation team. The storyboarding team went over the basics of what they would do while the animation team got started animating in the art room. 

The Walk of Doom

The Elementary Maker Team (Fall Semester) finished their project, but I never got around to posting the final result! Here it is…THE WALK OF DOOM! Watch the trailer first, it’s worth it. The Trailer: The Movie:  

CPSC blog

when we (me and my group) went to Chanels  room for makers club we didn’t know what was in store for us. But after we ate snack, Heather, (the second person to join Makers Club) said ” okay, so when  i went to check on the boxes we were keeping all the lego structures in ...


9/11/15 Today’s Elementary Maker Team Blog entry is by Carson, Cassidy, and Harper. We’re moving forward on our stop-motion animation project, using the “Stop Motion Animator” app on four of the school’s Lenovo laptops. Today was our “rehearsal”—mostly learning how to make mini-figures walk. The software is really easy to install and use! “We started ...

Getting Ready For Making Movies!

Getting Ready For Making Movies!
The Maker Team has split into two groups, an Elementary and a Middle School Team. The Elementary Team is going to be making a LEGO stop animation movie. Last session we did a LEGO challenge to practice our teamwork, building, and story-telling skills. Points were awarded for height, number of moving parts, and creativity. Here ...