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What is Maker Team about?

Maker Team is about:

  • Teamwork. We are a team, not a club. We do a lot of group projects. We work together.
  • Making things. ¬†We put things in the world that weren’t there before.
  • Science and Engineering. We learn how things work and what they do. We learn how to build things that serve a purpose.
  • Exploring. We aren’t afraid to make mistakes.

The History and Philosophy of CPSfC Maker Team

What is a Maker?

A Maker is anyone who puts something in the world that wasn’t there before. Makers are crafters, sewers, and quilters. Metal- and wood-workers. Blacksmiths and glass blowers. Bridge builders and robot designers.

Makers use hot glue guns and scissors. Soldering irons and multimeters. Drills and saws. 3D printers and Play-Doh.

Makers build with cardboard and paper. Plywood and LEDs. Computers and Lego bricks.

Makers are all of this, and much, much more.

The best way to find out about Making is to go to a Maker Faire!

How Can I Join Maker Team?

We are always looking for new makers! Maker Team is open to all 2nd–8th graders who think making things is fun and are committed to regular, enthusiastic participation. We are run entirely by parent and teacher volunteers, so occasionally we have more interested students than we have capacity to teach them. The more parents we have helping out, the more we can do! No matter what, we are committed to providing a free, after-school making experience. If transportation home from Maker Team is a limiting factor, please reach out–the school might be able to help.

For inquiries about the Middle School Maker Team, contact

What have we made?

Part of Making is sharing what we’ve Made! Check out our Maker Team blog.

Projects we have made in the CPSfC Maker Teams:

For Maker Team parents

Maker Events and Resources


MAKE Magazine — how to make all the things!

SplatSpace – Durham’s local Maker Space. SplatSpace is a multidisciplinary workshop (tools available to members) and is also a great resource for local Making Meetups (available to anyone, please RSVP).


CPSC Science Share! Tuesday, February 20, 2018 (tentative).

USA Science and Engineering Expo– The 5th USA Science & Engineering Festival Expo takes place on April 7-8, 2018 in Washington, D.C. “The two-day Expo is perfect for teens, children, and families who want to inspire their curious minds.”

Burlington Maker Faire–Burlington, NC, April 28, 2018. The biggest Maker Faire in North Carolina!



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